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April 8, at 3: September 24, at 7: It had everything I wanted. Temetka , Aug 20, I was very excited. In my case, I am very thankful that a very customer friendly E-Bay seller gave me a full refund.

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I bought this laptop for one reason — reliability.

June 28, at A fan is a high failure item so you would guess it would be easy to replace? Another troubling issue is the inconsistency of Dell training standards for field technicians.

I have no way to contact the previous owner even if I knew who they were. WindowsRevengeAug 19, When I rebooted, double fuzz…sigh.

How to Replace a Graphics Card in a Dell Latitude D630

These are corporate PCs given to us by the company to support clients. Let it cool naturally and put the whole lot back together. Visit the forum and search.

I also downloaded and installed BIOS A16 which seems is supposed to help with the overheating problem. I though the sucker was toast… no video… monitor came on. If I hold the screen dell d630 video card an angle, I can see odd dell d630 video card marks in the LCD, and a rectangular halo in the middle of the screen.


It really seems like Dell should have issued a recall.

Luckily we had a three year warranty and dell fixed viedo free of charge. I would try dell d630 video card out anyway before buying additional hardware. I have the same problem fifth time now…. Another good thing about this D notebook is its COM port.

Does it make HD videos playable judging by the name? November 21, at 3: I guess Microsoft does a good job marketing. July 30, at 2: The screen would go black or have a multi-color smeared pattern. Enhancement for thermal control.

Lo and behold it worked!! August 21, at 2: WindowsRevengeAug 20, After the third time they shipped a whole new laptop. Everytime the card fails when I touch teh bottom of the laptop it is too hot to touch.

How to Replace a Graphics Card in a Dell Latitude D |

There are various “home-brew” fixes for this involving pulling the motherboard and putting it in an oven at low temperatures to reflow the solder, but the most reliable solution in this case is to replace the motherboard. I bought this several weeks ago, and it came with these specs vjdeo RAM has been changed as of time typing this: If ya cain’t cad it, ya gotta stand it. Judging from the other posts this seems to be a dfll problem. Lets see what they do this time.


While dell d630 video card the Graphic Card, the new Bios runs the fan much faster dell d630 video card noisier — resulting in battery life of around 30 minutes for a machine which is 16 months old. February 7, at 5: TemetkaAug 20,