On Hook Dial key Then contact your service representative and report the problem. Introduction This manual contains detailed instructions and notes on the operation and use of this machine. Confirm that the destination is registered An error occurred in correctly, and then try the operation again. Getting Started Set the envelopes in Tray 1 with the printing side facing up. Both formats support multiple pages in a document. Edit the cover sheet as necessary, and then click [OK].

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Specify the destination using the number keys.

Removing Scanning Jams 9. Easy set up a lot of good featurescould use a better display screen. CER Pinch the clip on the aficio spc240sf paper guide, and then adjust the guides to the envelope. Sorting the output paper When making multiple copies of multiple pages, you can configure the machine to sort the output pages into sets. Where To Inquire Aficio spc240sf [Refresh] to discover all available scanners connected via USB or the network.

Restricting Machine Functions According to User Restricting Machine Functions Aficio spc240sf to User You can set the machine to require a user code when someone tries to use certain machine functions.

Ricoh Aficio SP C240SF User Manual

PCMag reviews products independentlybut we may earn affiliate aficio spc240sf from buying links on this page. Changing Copy Settings The procedure for changing the sort copy setting is provided as an example.


Notify Forward Status Select whether e-mail notifications are sent after forwarding faxes or not.

Getting Started Specifying the standard paper size This section describes how to specify the standard paper size. Loading Paper Pinch the extender in aficio spc240sf “PUSH” direction, and then pull out the extender until it stops you will hear a click. The number of redial attempts is preset aficio spc240sf two or three times, depending on the [Country] setting under [Admin.

Modifying Fax Destinations 6. If the number you specify is already assigned to another policy, the policy you are configuring will take the number of the earlier policy, and the earlier policy and any subsequent policies will be renumbered accordingly. Entering Characters Entering Characters Entering Characters This section describes how to enter characters using the control panel aficio spc240sf configuring the machine’s settings.

Printing stops temporarily when the error is detected, and restarts automatically after about ten seconds using the settings made on the control aficio spc240sf. To use this function, the aficio spc240sf profile must be added to the computer.

Loading Paper Pull out tray 1 carefully with both hands.

Ricoh Downloads – Aficio SP CSF

This setting appears only for the Type 2 model. Launch the Web browser. Printer Problems Printed Colors Do Not Match Displayed Colors If the colors of aficio spc240sf displayed on the computer screen aficoo not match print results, the cause may be one of the following. CES Pull aficio spc240sf waste toner bottle halfway out, grab the bottle firmly, and then pull it straight out.


Ricoh Aficio SP CSF Review & Rating |

Pull the opening lever on the front cover, and then carefully lower the front cover. CES Put the paper feed roller back in with the roller part facing downwards. Page Loading Paper Carefully push tray 1 straight into the machine.

Company name wficio the destination. Set the same IPsec settings as the machine on 1. Page Copy Settings Sets the machine aficoo aficio spc240sf the front and spc240fs sides of an ID card, or other small document, onto the front of a single sheet of paper. Using the Copier Function Combining Multiple Pages This section describes how to set the machine to combine multiple pages of an original onto a single sheet of paper. Toner will ignite on contact with naked flame. Aficio spc240sf the [Scanner] key.

Possible Cause Solution There is a problem with the Be careful not to hold the input tray when lifting the ADF, for the aficio spc240sf might be damaged. Start the Web browser, aficio spc240sf access the machine by entering its IP address.